LJHA is a well-established Jewish led community based Registered Social Housing Provider. We are committed to providing and maintaining sustainable community housing, focusing mainly on the needs of the local Jewish community. LJHA’s policies and procedures conform to the Government’s Regulator of Social Housing’s standards. The Association is keen to create safe, mixed tenure neighbourhoods with quality homes at prices people can afford and in areas they want to live.

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We have tried to make our website simple to use in order to provide you with the best possible experience when browsing; whether you are looking for a new home, looking how to report a repair or looking just for information, we intended to make the process as simple as possible – here’s a quick breakdown and some links for the core pages you may need from our website:

  • Our History & Culture – Many people are interested in what our history is and the background that formed our vision and values, which we still stick by.
  • Our Staff Team – A popular page, people like to know who the voice on the other end of the phone is. Most of our staff members are listed on this website to give you a better idea of who you may need to contact for help. Do not worry if you cannot figure out who you need however, our customer services will always be able to direct your call to the correct person.
  • Our Governance & Finances – Another popular page, our Board members which form the Board of Management and various sub boards are listed on this page, alongside our board structure and finance reports for several previous years.
  • Our Communications – Online communication with LJHA has come a long way in the past couple years, from the development of this website, to the introduction of social media and a more devoted online presence and better e-newsletters, this is the page to check out if you are interested in what we do online.
  • Compliments and Complaints – We welcome feedback of all kinds, and we provide multiple avenues of which you can show your appreciation to our, or in the unfortunate case your find yourself disappointed with our service, we also welcome the chance to take your feedback and improve where we went wrong.
  • Renting a Home – This page (and the following subpages) serve as your first steps into acquiring a home with LJHA. We show you what we have to offer, and how to apply.
  • My Tenancy – This webpage is a go-to page if you already live with us and want information such as: what kind of tenancy you are on, the support offered by LJHA, benefit advice and information in relation to rents, services charges and all things finance.
  • My Home – Once you live in one of our properties you may want to visit this section for more information on repairs and safety checks.
  • Jobs – You can visit this section to browse any available jobs, volunteering opportunities or apprenticeships we have on offer.
  • Service Improvement Panel – The SIP is a tenant-formed panel that review our services and procedures, helping to keep LJHA up to standards and expectations of tenants.
  • News – For all the latest news updates, press releases and more please visit this page.
  • Events – Does what it says on the tin.  Whenever we are running events we will let you know here.
  • Contact LJHA – The go-to page for anything regarding contact with LJHA. You can get in touch with us as well as access our social media and sign up to our newsletter from this section.