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Coronavirus Questions

Are the brown bins getting emptied?

We are not aware that these are being collected at present.

What is happening with the development?

The contracts have now been signed with the contractors, Engie and the site on Queenshill Avenue has been handed over to them.  They have installed fencing to secure the site and Engie are now responsible for the site.  Over the coming weeks they will commence the removal of items both externally and internally, however at this stage we are unsure when the actual demolition and subsequent new build will commence.  An update will follow once this is known.

How do I access www.jewishleedsonline.co.uk?

Jewish Leeds Online has a number of activities which the whole community can access, use the website link above or below to access. If you need help accessing this please contact Debby Williams on 07469353199 or a member of the Support staff team. www.jewishleedsonline.co.uk

Do I need to tell you if I am self isolating?

Sheltered residents need to make us aware if they are displaying symtpoms or are shielding, and havent already informed us of this, so that we can ensure the correct support and measures are in place. General needs residents should also let us know if they are self isolating so that the correct support can be provided.

I need help with my shopping and am self isolating, what help is available?

We have access to a team of volunteers who can help. To access this general needs tenants should contact Debby Williams on 07469353199 and sheltered tenants should contact the Support team.

Is support still being provided?

Yes. General needs tenants can contact Debby Williams on 07469353199 for any support needs and sheltered tenants can contact the Support team for any help needed.

Are staff onsite?

In addition to contractors carrying out essential maintenance work we do have some staff on site, however we advise that you contact us should you need to speak to anyone of us.

Is reception open?

Unfortunately, due to the social distancing rules we have closed access to our reception for now, however you can contact us via 0113 320 7777 or by email.

I usually pay my rent in cash, how can I pay now?

There are a number of options available to you: – Wou can pay by card over the phone, to do this please ring 0113 320 7777 and select the option for finance. – We can set up a direct debit over the phone, to do this please ring 0113 320 7777 and select the option for finance. – You can set up a standing order online or in branch with your bank – You can do a bank transfer online or using your telephone banking- remember to use your name and address as a reference so we know where to allocate the payment to – You can, as a last resort, send a cheque to the office

Can I still use communal laundry facilities?

These facilities are still open and available to use, however, please ensure you observe social distancing when using them.

I have rent arrears, what will happen if I can’t pay anything extra towards them at the moment?

If tenants require support, please contact Malik Ahmed on 0113 320 7777 or Debby Williams on 07469353199

Will I be evicted if I can’t pay my rent at the moment?

No, if tenants require support, please contact Malik Ahmed on 0113 320 7777 or Debby Williams on 07469353199

Are there any rent free months whilst we are in lock down?

No, if tenants require support, please contact Malik Ahmed on 0113 320 7777 or Debby Williams on 07469353199

Is there still someone I can call if I am having issues with my tenancy?

Yes, please contact Debby Williams on 07469 353199

Is there still support available for help with my benefits?

Yes, please contact Debby Williams on 07469 353199

Can I still use the communal garden area?

You can still access and use the communal garden within your estate however we do request that you maintain the social distancing rule and that you only access these areas for a short period of time on a daily basis.

Can I refuse access for a gas/electric/asbestos check during lockdown?

Safety checks are there to help keep your home safe, especially you and your family members. We want to make sure that all of the equipment provided in the property is fit for purpose and that things are in good working order. We do understand that you may have reservations about some of these visits from our contractors during these uncertain times however it is important that we continue to carry out these vital checks. We can assure you that Health & Safety for everyone involved is our top priority and we are taking all the necessary preventative actions as set out by Public Health England such as wearing the right PPE (Personal Protective Equipment and by maintaining the social distancing rule. If you are concerned then please do speak to us immediately so that we can discuss this with you

Are my windows on my estate still being cleaned?

Unfortunately window cleaning is non-essential work and we have suspended these cyclical works but will resume as soon as it’s safe to do so

Grass cutting and other landscaping work on my estate, will this still be done?

We have agreed with our contractor that all estates will still be maintained in accordance to HSE guidelines. We normally instruct GritiT for our grounds maintenance work who will be on site providing services under strict social distancing rules. We will of course continue to work with our contractor and update you should anything change as a result.

I was due to have some planned works carried out this year. Will still be the case?

Unfortunately LJHA have had to temporarily stop its planned improvement works, including new kitchens and bathrooms. This is because we will need to spend time in your home, which would be against public health and government advice.

I am due a gas service soon, will LJHA still make the appointment?

Our approved contractor, KIWI Building Services will still attend to carry out compliance related gas servicing and electrical inspections work. We understand that if you’ve made a recent appointment, this may no longer be appropriate as your circumstances at home may have changed. Please make every effort to be at home for your appointment where possible, or contact us to rearrange if you are unable to do so. This appointment could be used for another customer and we can always come back to you at a time that is more convenient.

Will LJHA repairs and maintenance contractors still be making and attending appointments?

LJHA phone lines are still operating as normal. For all new and existing repairs please either contact us by calling 0113 3207777 or you can email us your query at repairs@ljha.co.uk. Our contractors have been advised to contact tenants before attending appointments to ensure the occupants are well and not in self-isolation. Should the tenant or any occupants be in self-isolation, the appointment may be cancelled unless it is deemed to pose the residents of the home or the property a health and safety risk. If this is the case, the contractor will contact us so that we can work with the tenant to determine the best course of action. During this time, LJHA contractors are only responding to EMERGENCY and URGENT repairs.  All non-emergency or urgent repair requests should be submitted to us by phone or email so that we can log the request for future consideration. Emergency, urgent and gas servicing repairs and maintenance will be prioritised. It is important that we leave no household in unsafe conditions.