Resident Consultative Group

Our Resident Consultative Group has now been formed and have met twice. The group currently has 6 members, representing both our General Needs and Sheltered Housing communities.

The RCG are currently finalising the Terms of Reference and Code of Conduct, and are reviewing LJHA’s Complaints Policy.

They are next meeting on 3rd November, when Adam Baxter, Chair of the Operations Sub-Board will be attending. A Board or Sub-Board member will be attending each RCG meetings to develop links between the RCG and Board members.


Hot Topic Groups

Our Gardening Hot Topic Group have been working with LJHA to include the voice of residents in the design of the new contract for tender for gardening services.

The gardening tender document has been completed and will then be sent to potential contractors. Once responses have been received, the Hot Topic Group will meet to discuss who the contract will be awarded to. It is envisaged the successful provider will commence in early 2021.

Our Tenant Satisfaction Hot Topic Group have been looking at the responses from the first part of the survey – half of our residents completed the survey in September, and another survey will be carried out in March. The group will be meeting on 28th October to look at the report produced by Service Insights – LJHA wanted the survey to be conducted by someone independent.

The group will then be making some recommendations for things that LJHA should prioritise.


Resident Ambassadors

We have 13 Resident Ambassadors at the moment, who have shown their interest in engaging with their neighbours to find out what matters to them. Once the Tenant Satisfaction Hot Topic Group have made their recommendations, we may ask our Ambassadors to speak to people about their experiences.

Our Ambassadors will also help us to monitor how well the gardening contractors (once they are in place) are performing.

At the moment, we still need Ambassadors for the following locations:


Bentcliffe Court

Cranmer Gardens

Green Park

Lady Park Court

Queenshill Avenue

Queenshill Gardens

Sheila Saunders Lawn

Stone Court


If you are interested, please contact Simon via the LJHA office on 0113 320 7777 or via e-mail at