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Repairs Hot Topic Group – new members wanted!
LJHA have a Hot Topic Group for Repairs and Maintenance, who have been helping us with various pieces of work to improve the service we provide for residents.
We looking for additional members of the group to help us with a couple of things:
  • We carry out regular satisfaction surveys for anyone who has had a repair. We plan to share the results with the group on a regular basis. The group would help us to identify areas of improvement.
  • We are carrying out a tender exercise for a repairs and maintenance provider. We need help and advice from residents to tell us the most important things that we should be looking for from a company. We also need people who would be happy to be on interview panels.
If you would be interested in being part of the group, please let us know. You can e-mail or phone 0113 859 2228
Opportunity to part of new Hot Topic Groups
Hot Topic Groups allow residents to provide ideas or opinions on a range of services which we provide to everyone, or where services have dropped.
We would like to set up the following groups and are looking for volunteers.
Events and Activities for General Needs Residents
People have told us that we organise a lot of things for sheltered residents, and that other residents miss out. We would like to change that.
• What activities would you like LJHA to organise?
• Would you like a Tenant Day? What would you like to include?
• Is there anything you would like us to do for Jewish festivals?

Leases and Service Charges

Some residents have told us that they don’t always understand what their leases and service charge schedules say, and what types of work is included in the leases and service charge schedules?

• How can we make our leases and service charge schedule information easier to understand?
• Are there things that you aren’t happy about?

We would like to set up a group of both general needs and sheltered residents to talk about this in more detail. This group will focus on leases for those who rent properties, not for shared owners. However, we also want to speak to everyone about service charges, both people who rent and shared owners.

If you would be interested in being part of these groups, please can you let me know at or on 0113 859 2228?

We hope that meetings will be socially-distanced face-to-face depending on the number of people who volunteer. Otherwise, meetings will be via Zoom.
If you don’t want to join a Hot Topic Group, but want to tell us what you think, your comments and opinions would be welcome.

Resident Consultative Group

Our Resident Consultative Group represents the top-level of resident involvement, advising on key strategic issues across LJHA. The group currently has 7 members, representing both General Needs and Sheltered Housing residents. The current members are:

  • Sally Brown
  • David Gloan
  • Hilary Jones
  • Marcia Levy
  • Lizzi Pell
  • Trude Silman
  • Niki Yoshua

The Terms of Reference for the RCG have been drawn up by members of the group in partnership with LJHA, and can be accessed via this link.

The group have also signed up to a Code of Conduct and Confidentiality. Our Hot Topic Group members and Resident Ambassadors have also signed a similar document.

A Board or Sub-Board member will be attending each RCG meeting to develop links between the RCG and Board members. The next meeting will be taking place on 23rd March 2021 when Jayne Wynick, Chair of the LJHA Board, will be attending.

Hot Topic Groups

  • Our Gardening Hot Topic Group has 8 members, and has been working with LJHA to include the voice of residents in the design of the new contract for tender for gardening services. The gardening tender document has been completed and will then be sent to potential contractors. Once responses have been received, the Hot Topic Group will meet to discuss who the contract will be awarded to. It is envisaged the successful provider will commence in Spring 2021.
  • Our Tenant Satisfaction Hot Topic Group has 7 members. The group helped LJHA with the survey questions, and have also been looking at the responses from the first part of the survey – half of our residents completed the survey in September, and another survey will be carried out in March. The group have discussed the key findings from the report, and made some recommendations for things that LJHA should prioritise. These were discussed at the LJHA Operations Sub-Board on 15th December.
  • We have also formed a Repairs Hot Topic Group to look at how LJHA can improve the quality of our repairs and maintenance service. The group currently has 6 members. Their first task has been to help review the Service Charges leaflet and letter in preparation for the letters which all residents will receive in March.
  • We now need volunteers for a new Hot Topic Group to help us to decide on the decoration, fixtures and fittings for the new sheltered housing development which will be completed in 2022. Further information can be found on our Queenshill Development Resident Engagement page.

Hot Topic Groups Terms of Reference

Resident Ambassadors

We have 11 Resident Ambassadors at the moment, who have shown their interest in engaging with their neighbours to find out what matters to them on a day-to-day basis. Once the Tenant Satisfaction Hot Topic Group have made their recommendations, we may ask our Ambassadors to speak to people about their experiences.

Our Ambassadors will also help us to monitor how well the gardening contractors (once they are in place) are performing.

Resident Ambassadors Terms of Reference

The list of Ambassadors are as follows. If you wish to speak to them, please contact the LJHA office.

Bentcliffe Court – Colinne Jackson, Jennifer Purcell

Burton House and Lady Park Court – Hilary Jones and Marcia Levy

Burton Mews – David Gloan

Green Park – Diane Feddy

Queenshill Avenue – Niki Yoshua

Queenshill Drive – Louise and John Diamond

Sheila Saunders Lawn – Murray Burke

Stonegate Way – Pat Dapin and Val King

At the moment, we still need Ambassadors for the following locations:

  • Cranmer Gardens
  • High Moor Close
  • Queenshill Gardens
  • Skyte House
  • Stone Court 

If you are interested in any of these groups, please contact Simon Phillips on 0113 8592228 or via e-mail

Meeting notes from group meetings, and other relevant information, can be supplied on request by contacting Simon.