Introduction from previous apprentice regarding apprenticeships at LJHA:
“My apprenticeship with LJHA began in May 2015 through the training provider Key Skills Training. I embarked on an apprenticeship for a NVQ level 2 in Business Administration and learnt so much along the way. As I progressed I began to focus on specific areas that I felt I could help the company with, such as marketing, PR and communications, and I was especially interested in developing the new LJHA website (the one you’re looking at right now!)


Working at LJHA gave me the opportunity to develop my skills and it gave me experience in the workplace, in my time here I have met wonderful people and had the chance to visit other organisations that specialise in communications, marketing and PR.

 As part of my apprenticeship I was allocated a supervisor from Key Skills Training who visited me routinely and went through my progress to make sure I was on track with my NVQ, while working at LJHA. I completed my first year, and apprenticeship, at LJHA in May 2016 and as such I was offered a permanent position as IT & Finance Administrator.

 In my time here I have been given the chance to take a creative lead on the marketing and online/print communications. I have redeveloped the company website, started up our social media accounts from scratch, created new email campaigns, designed three annual reports and so much more. More of my work such as the @HOME newsletters can be seen in the ‘Our Communications’ page as well as the ‘Our History & Culture’ page, which showcases the huge timeline I got to produce for our new reception wall (and by huge, I mean over 14 feet long!)

Apprenticeship Journey


 My apprenticeship was a great way to get into employment and with such a small company I was able to make a difference that could be seen from within as well as outside the company. It is not just my design work that has made a difference, but amongst many other rewarding experiences at LJHA I have had the pleasure of supporting Sheltered Housing tenants in one-to-one sessions to help them get to grips with new technology. I cannot recommend a better route into employment and I am glad I got into full time employment on a decent wage before I was even 18.”

 Unfortunately LJHA does not currently have any apprenticeships to offer right now, please check back another time.