The Gas Regulations state that we have to ensure that gas installations and appliances installed in your home are checked for safety every 12 months and to provide all our tenants with a Landlords Gas Safety Certificate commonly referred to as a CP12. We operate on an 11-month target rather than 12 months as this allows us time to escalate proceedings should access not be provided. The law also applies to you in ensuring that you allow us access into your home to carry out the service work.

Kiwi Building Services (on behalf of LJHA) will contact each tenant around four weeks in advance of the next due service date and arrange an appointment. This may seem early, but please remember that we operate on an 11-month target, so the initial contact will be around 10 months from the last certificate date. It is very important that you are available or make alternative arrangements to allow us access to complete these essential safety works.

When your safety check is due Kiwi Building Services will write to you with an appointment to let you know when we will be calling at your home. If this appointment is not convenient simply contact Kiwi Building Services to arrange an alternative date for us to visit you. The telephone number of our Gas Safe Register gas engineers will be included.

Kiwi Building Services contact details are:

Address: Unit 8, Healy Lane Business Centre, Healy Lane, Batley, WF17 8EZ
Telephone: 01924 400499

Your home needs an annual gas safety check and service to:
• To ensure gas appliances are working effectively, efficiently and are safe.
• It is a legal requirement.
• When you signed your tenancy agreement, you agreed to allow us access to carry out the annual test.


Gas Safety

Faulty appliances can cause explosions and can also give off poisonous carbon monoxide fumes, with a possibility of fatal consequences. We therefore have a legal duty to make sure properly qualified gas engineers check all of our gas appliances every year.

If you do not respond after all our attempts to contact you, we will refer the matter to our specialist solicitors for further action that could include:
• Application to a court for an injunction to force you to allow us access. Failure to comply with a court injunction can lead to a prison sentence. The cost of this action will be passed onto you.
• Notice of Seeking Possession for breach of tenancy agreement, and possible eviction.
• If you do not allow access, we WILL take legal action to gain access.

We will also as part of our checks carry out a safety check any appliances in the property including any that you have had fitted by yourself and will advise you of any issues with that appliance.

It is important to contact LJHA if you are considering changing any gas appliances in your property as you will need our written permission before you proceed. Any changes to gas appliances need to be carried out by a fully qualified Gas Safe gas engineer and a certificate must be provided confirming details of what has been done.

We also carry out a void safety check to all our empty properties and issue a certificate to all new residents to ensure the property is let in a safe condition at the beginning of each tenancy.
We have a legal duty to safety check each appliance and if we do not gain access by consent, we will where necessary take appropriate legal action to permit access.

If you can smell gas:
• Turn your supply off at the mains
• Ring National Grid on 0800 111 999
• Open your doors and windows
• Do not switch anything electric on or off as this could create sparks
• Do not smoke or light a match