This section of our website provides you will all the information you need to know about your tenancy. We understand that every property we manage is someone’s home and we aim to provide a service that meets the needs of all tenants.

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Whether you are an applicant, a new tenant or have lived in your home for many years, you can find a range of information here including:

  • Information to help you understand and maintain your tenancy.
  • How you can pay your rent.
  • Financial advice and support to help you manage your moneyand how we promote financial inclusion.

Here we cover the various aspects of what goes into making your tenancy long-lasting and worthwhile. From the support we offer to paying your rent.
For sheltered housing tenants, living in one of our schemes entitles you to the benefit of support from our dedicated Housing Support Workers (HSWs) who are available every hour of every day of the year. They check on all of our tenants every day to make sure they are happy and healthy, and they are ready to act in an emergency. They act with true compassion for our tenants, and you get to know them very well during their time with us. The HSWs do not provide care however; they are trained to enrich the lives of our tenants and keep them safe, but day to day care must be arranged externally with a care company and not with LJHA, it is not a service our Housing Support Workers can provide for you. See the tenancy support page for more information.
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Our Housing Team is on hand during office hours to deal with issues that our general needs tenants have. They handle everything from the application process to occasional event organisation for general needs tenants. To see what we have coming up for general needs tenants, see our Facebook and Twitter pages (which you can find on the Contact LJHA page) where we keep you regularly updated with what we have coming up for you!
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If you are here to see more information on rents, benefits and more, see the finance information page.
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