This section of our website provides information on consultations relating to Phase 2 of Leeds Jewish Housing Association’s regeneration plans.

In August 2020, we undertook resident satisfaction surveys. Some of the feedback we received included a feeling from many residents that we need to focus on providing more homes for families, rather than on sheltered homes specifically for older people.

Having explored all the options, if we were to build family houses the only piece of land that would be viable would be the middle area of the Queenshill estate, what can be termed the ‘island’. This area is marked in yellow on the map below – the existing Queenshill Development is shown in white.

Island Map


We are committed to ensuring that we engage with, inform and involve affected residents at all stages of our regeneration process, and as early as possible. In line with our Resident Involvement Policy, we will:

  • Listen to what our residents are telling us about the effect of regeneration on them
  • Ensure residents are empowered to engage effectively with LJHA on behalf of themselves, their families and the wider community.
  • Ensure residents have a strong voice and can influence key decisions relating to the development.
  • Make sure engagement is planned, monitored and measurable with clear outcomes.
  • Clearly explain LJHA’s goals, and the perceived benefits/disadvantages to affected residents and other residents in the locality
  • Offer opportunities for our regeneration to be delivered in a way that involves as many residents as possible.
  • Communicate in a variety of formats so make sure that we can engage with as many residents as possible
  • Give clear feedback on how we have acted upon what residents tell us.
  • Allow people to contribute to informal and formal consultations and discussions
  • Publicise meetings, events, and contact points, and have named liaison officers.

Consultation Updates


We are now keen to open the consultation to a wider audience and involve all the community.

To participate, please complete a short online survey via this link

February 2021

We have now completed face-to-face and/or phone consultations with residents currently living in the area. These will be written up into a summary report, which will be discussed by the LJHA Management Team.

Late-January 2021:

We have written to those LJHA residents currently living in the area being discussed. These have been followed up with one-to-one phonecalls or meetings.

We have also written to the wider general needs and sheltered community, including an opportunity to complete a short questionnaire. This questionnaire asks whether we should build more properties; whether these should be apartments for all, family houses or sheltered apartments; whether the proposed location is right; and any additional comments.

Frequently Asked Questions relating to the development can be found here