Leeds Jewish Housing Association is a member of Leeds City Council’s Housing Register. If you want to apply for a tenancy with us then you will need to complete an application form which you can download below, or you can contact us via the ‘Contact LJHA’ page and we will arrange to have a Leeds Membership Form sent to you. Once you have filled out the form you must return it to Leeds Jewish Housing Association. The application will be assessed by a member of our Housing Services team who will then contact you to discuss your application in more detail.

Following the process of the application being assessed, we generally carry out home-visits to our tenants to learn more about their situation. In cases where a home-visit is not possible we attempt to make alternative arrangements.


Once you have been assessed and a visit has taken place you will be put onto the waiting list dependant on your requirements. The waiting list is structured as such that the most vulnerable applicant or the applicant most in need of a property will be top of the list for the schemes they are eligible for. If you are interested in being housed in certain specific schemes, please peruse our ‘Developments and Properties’ section to see what we have available in our portfolio. When you apply to Leeds Jewish Housing Association we process your application and match you to the next available home that meets your criteria, so we can provide a fair and equal housing service for everybody.

We always take into consideration individual’s needs, whether that is the scheme they live in, what floor the property is, what type of property, if the applicant is bringing pets etc. These should be discussed in your consultation with the Housing team once you submit your application.

Download the Leeds Homes Membership Form here.