The information in development & properties displays our property portfolio and where they are located. Hopefully this will assist you in making a choice of area and property type if you are applying for housing with us. If you are interested in a graphic showing when and where our developments were built, head over to ‘Our History & Culture’ to see the timeline we have displayed in our reception.

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Our properties are generally split down the middle as General Needs properties and Sheltered Housing properties. Sites such as the Queenshill Estate and Highmoor Close run without the assistance of Housing Support Workers (HSWs), while Sheltered Housing tenants are generally vulnerable tenants and benefit from the assistance and support of the HSWs.

Our portfolio showcases all current sites that we manage – there are around 500 properties in the LS17 area of Leeds. The sites span mainly in Moortown, Alwoodley and Shadwell. For in-depth information on each site, see the developments individual description.

There are currently 12 developments that provide the base for roughly 500 properties in the North Leeds area. Our General Needs developments are: Cranmers, Burton Mews, Highmoor Close, Stoneleigh Way and the Queenshill Estate. The Sheltered Housing schemes are: Bentcliffe Court, Burton House, Green Park, Skyte House and Stonegate Way. We have a variety of General Needs, Sheltered Housing and Shared Ownership properties available in Lady Park Court, just off Shadwell Lane. We advertise these when they are available.

If you choose to specify a certain scheme that you want to apply to live within, you should be prepared to wait an extended period of time as properties in most schemes are in very high demand and the most vulnerable or needy applicant will be housed first in the case that a property becomes vacant. We do not provide emergency homeless shelter, if you are in need of shelter we recommend you find emergency shelter first and then apply to us for a longer term home.