What is the Service Improvement Panel (SIP)?
We are tenants who volunteer to carry out inspections and reviews on the services provided by Leeds Jewish Housing Association (LJHA). We have formed an Improvement Panel to do this.

What does the Service Improvement Panel (SIP) Do?
• It is a critical friend to LJHA, working in partnership yet remaining independent;
• Holds LJHA to account for the performance of the services it provides, ensuring that LJHA responds to tenants’ priorities;
• Reviews services, identifying areas that are working well and areas that could work better, providing future direction and targets for LJHA.
• Reports its findings to tenants and the Board.

What do the Service Improvement Panel (SIP) members do?
• Face to face and telephone surveys with tenants and providers;
• Talk to tenants about any ideas they have;
• Talk to LJHA officers and staff about how their teams work;
• Look at good practice from other organisations.

Will I receive training to be a Service Improvement Panel (SIP) Member?
Yes, all members will receive training, which in some cases may be provided by an independant specialist consultant.
Some training can take place on other sites, such as other housing associations. Robert White of the SIP panel is pictured below at a training and networking session in Broadacres.