The Service Improvement Panel (SIP) are tenants who volunteer to carry out inspections and reviews on the services provided by Leeds Jewish Housing Association.

The SIP is a critical friend to LJHA, working in partnership yet remaining independent. The panel holds LJHA to account for the performance of the services we provide and it helps to ensure we respond to tenants’ priorities. Amongst other things, the panel reviews services and identifies areas that are working well and areas that require improvement. This helps to provide direction for progression in the future. Results of all reviews the SIP undertake are presented directly to the Board of Management.

Service Improvement Panel members undertake a variety of tasks to complete their reports, ranging from face-to-face and telephone surveys with tenants to interviewing LJHA staff, they take everything into account when reporting their findings.

Panel members will receive training to help get them started. In some cases the panel will be supported by an independent consultant who specialises in the scrutiny of procedures that housing associations put in place.



You can contact the Service Improvement Panel on to enquire for more information or express an interest in joining the panel. The panel performs a short, informal interview to give you more information so that, should you be willing to volunteer your time, you may get on board with the SIP.

If you wish to join the SIP you will require good analytical skills and be able to take an objective view as the SIP is focused on looking at the bigger picture of service improvement, not isolated incidents and occurrences. You will need to work on your own or in a group, either at home or at LJHA’s offices. The contact form below will put you directly in contact with the panel, and they check this mailbox once a week. You can also fill out the form on the ‘Contact LJHA’ page to be put in contact with LJHA and we will direct your enquiry directly to the panel.

If you would like to express an interest please complete the form below .

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