The first of the panel’s reviews was completed in January 2016 and presented to Board of Management in February. The panel chose the topic of General Needs Voids to Relet process. They analysed data, interviewed officers and contractors, and carried out telephone surveys to tenants. The panel were pleased with how open and transparent everyone involved in the process was. The 11 recommendations were accepted by the Board of Management, and the Service Improvement Panel will revisit with LJHA in 6 and 12 month intervals. You can click the icon below to download the review, or you can click here.


The second of the reviews that the panel have completed is based on Communications and how LJHA communicates with Tenants. Completed in December 2016 and presented to the Board of Management in February 2017 – the panel interviewed various staff members at many different levels in the organisation, conducted surveys amongst tenants and used other various methods to collect data, including mystery shopping. It was another successful review that was widely accepted by the Board of Management as well as staff members. You can click the icon below to download the review, or you can click here.


The third of the reviews is very close to completion, and is based on the allocations process that LJHA uses to allocate applicants to void properties. Check back here to see the full report once it has been reported to our Board of Management this year.



When the Service Improvement Panel has a new review underway, they are always eager to see what tenants think and how they feel. You can help them by giving your views and being open to a phone call, face-to-face or email conversation with them, if the review requires it. We may send out survey invitations on behalf of the panel, we urge you to get involved as your views and opinions can help to form the review, which in turn will help to improve processes and save money which can be re-invested back into your community.