A message regarding the governance of LJHA from Jayne Wynick, Chair of the Board of Management

The Housing sector continues to operate in challenging times and effective governance and strong leadership has never been more important. Our Board of Management are committed volunteers and bring together a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience. They are committed to working with tenants, staff and stakeholders to find ways to continually improve how the Association operates.

We are delighted to welcome several new members to our board and sub-boards bringing new knowledge and experiences. We have recently appointed our first tenant board members and look forward to further tenant engagement,
We work hard to ensure our governance structure and processes add value to the Association. Individual Board members and the group as a whole receive regular appraisals, training and exposure to the hot topics affecting the social housing sector as a whole.

All Housing Associations are overseen by Government in the form of The Regulator of Social Housing. In the past year we have challenged ourselves against the Regulators standards to ensure Leeds Jewish is in good hands.
I am proud to Chair LJHA, and along with our Chief Executive, lead an organisation that puts Tenants and Residents at the heart of everything we do.

Who are our Board members and what do they do?

Our Board of Management take the overall responsibility for leading LJHA whilst our 2 sub-Boards monitor activity at a more detailed level.

The Operations Sub-Board focus on the operational performance of LJHA with relation to all tenant-facing and property-related services.

The Finance Audit and Risk Sub-Board focus on all aspects of Finance, Audit, Resources and Risk

Each year we produce and publish annual financial statements (sometimes known as annual accounts or statutory accounts) for our stakeholders, including shareholders, tenants and residents, employees, local authority, regulator, suppliers and supporters in the community in which we work.

The financial statements set out the organisations activities and contain an overview of our financial position at the end of the financial year. All housing associations are required by their regulator to publish a Value for Money statement each year. LJHA’s Value for Money statement is included in the financial statement.

Meet our Board and Sub-Board members: