Resident engagement at the LJHA is co-ordinated by Simon Phillips, our Community Engagement Officer.

Simon Phillips


Our Resident Involvement and Engagement structure is composed of three main groups:

• The Resident Consultative Group is the highest-level of resident involvement. It feeds in directly to the LJHA Board, Operations Sub-Board and Finance, Risk and Audit Sub-Board. This means that residents can influence the development of strategies, policies and plans and the overall organisational strategy of LJHA

The group currently has 7 members, representing both General Needs and Sheltered Housing residents. The current members are:

Sally Brown                                                                                                                                              Murray Burke
David Gloan
Marcia Levy                                                                                                                                              Stevie-Anne Melia                                                                                                                                            Lizzi Pell
Trude Silman                                                                                                                                          Robert White
Niki Yoshua

The Terms of Reference for the RCG have been drawn up by members of the group in partnership with LJHA, and can be accessed via this link. The group have also signed up to a Code of Conduct and Confidentiality

Resident Ambassadors are people who live in a particular block or street. Ambassadors collect and communicate areas of concern or ideas, as well as engaging with and informing their neighbours about things that are happening across LJHA. You can view the Resident Ambassadors Terms of Reference by clicking here.

The list of Ambassadors are as follows:

Bentcliffe Court – Colinne Jackson, Jennifer Purcell

Burton House – Marcia Levy

Burton Mews – David Gloan

Green Park – Diane Feddy

High Moor Close – Daryl Schiffeldrin

Lady Park Court Sheltered – Rachel Mendel

Queenshill Avenue – Danielle Sapherson

Queenshill Drive – Louise and John Diamond

Sheila Saunders Lawn – Murray Burke

Stonegate Way – Pat Dapin and Val King


Hot Topic Groups are one-off groups to give opinions to staff on services they are receiving or where services have dropped. Hot Topic Groups contain residents who have a particular interest in something. Or they may have experience or expertise in something. More information on the Terms of Reference of Hot Topic Groups can be found using this link.


You can learn more about what these groups have done, and are currently doing, on our ‘Resident Engagement Updates’ page.

You can view our Resident Involvement Strategy by clicking here to view the strategy. We also have a separate Resident Involvement Policy.




Interested in getting involved in any of our groups?


  • You can call the LJHA Office on 0113 320 7777
  • You can e-mail Simon at                                                                      
  • You can text/WhatsApp Simon on 07584 601192                                                                             
  • You can message LJHA on Facebook via the ‘LJHA – Leeds Jewish Housing Association’ page

You can also complete an Expression of Interest form, where you can tell us how you would like to get involved, what services are most important to you, and the skills and knowledge you have. Please click here to view the Expression of Interest form.