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In early 2019, we took a look at our housing stock and decided to investigate various ways of developing new homes. Early drafts of plans for the proposed homes were showcased at this time and consultation with our tenants and the wider community began. The current plans include 2 new blocks of flats situated on the estate, one for General Needs tenants and one for Sheltered Housing tenants, the latter of which would connect to Stonegate Way to provide our Sheltered Housing tenants with a true ‘Sheltered Village’ and provide ease of access to the Marjorie & Arnold Ziff Community Centre.

The work will be completed this Spring.

You can see a ‘time lapse’ video, showing progress from September 2020 onwards at http://engie.onsitetimelapse.co.uk/

Engie are our partners on the project. LJHA are working with Engie to ensure that the development maximises the positive benefits for the local community and environment. Roof-mounted social panels are expected to provide 10% of the building’s electricity, while increased insulation within each property will promote energy efficiency.

Engie are also part of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, which includes respecting the community, considering the needs of neighbours and the wider public, and protecting and enhancing the environment.

Considerate Constructors

You can find more information on our joint resident engagement work here.


January 2022

Work has now started on the link between Stonegate Way and Skyte House.
This forms part of the work that will eventually connect all of our sheltered blocks on the Queenshill site from our new Cherry Tree House block to Sheila Saunders Lawn. Residents will be able to reach the MAZCC without needing to go outside.

November 2021

The pace of progress continues as you can see from some photos taken at a Board and staff member visit.

Below are some photos of the bathrooms and kitchens under construction in the sheltered block.

Below are views from some of the properties in the sheltered block – some will look out onto the landscaped garden; some will look out onto King Lane and our neighbours at Moortown Baptist Church.

And here is the view from what will be the car park for both the general needs and sheltered developments.

September 2021

As you will see, both blocks are very much now part of the local LS17 skyline.

Roof trusses are being added to the sheltered block, fire walls installed, and plastering of board walls and apartments on the ground and first floor are taking place. In the General needs block, brickwork is almost completed and scaffolding is being erected to allow for roof trusses.

The image below shows roof trusses being added.

The ongoing development received coverage in the Jewish Telegraph on Friday 27th August.

Below are a series of photos taken on 14th September as follows:

  • Two photos from what will be a sheltered flat, with one showing a patio
  • Scaffolding on the top floor
  • Scaffolding viewed from the roof, behind which is the general needs block
  • Two photos of the roof, one of which shows steel sheets

July 2021

Here are some photos taken during week commencing 19th July, showing various views of Blocks A and B, together with the roof being placed on Block A on 21st July.

June 2021

The photo below shows the status of the sheltered block as of the middle of June.

Queenshill Development June 2021

At the moment, the team from Engie are creating a safe working platform to continue brickwork to wall plate height (the underside of the roof) in the sheltered block (A). They are also preparing for the plastering to ground floor rooms.

In the general needs block (B), they are in the process of installing precast concrete floor panels, installing the next level of scaffolding, and screeding (smoothing out concrete) on the ground floor.

There has been a full review of CCTV coverage on site and there will be additional cameras installed, with repositioning of existing cameras to ensure maximum CCTV coverage of site.

April 2021

The photos below were taken at the start of the month, and show the sheltered block (A) having precast concrete floor panels installed to the second floor and general needs block (B) progressing.


March 2021

Here is a photo taken on 17th March, showing progress on the site. The photo was taken from Engie’s site office.

Queenshill Development 170321


February 2021

Both the general needs and sheltered blocks are progressing well. Some work was slightly delayed due to the winter weather – for example, the mortar doesn’t set if the weather is too cold.

Here are photos taken on 19th February:

The crane is lifting the precast concrete floor panels to the general needs block

Crane precast concrete GN 240221

The photo below shows the progress of brick and blockwork to the sheltered block.

Brick and blockwork Sheltered 240221

Here are some photos taken on 5th February.

This one shows a corridor in the sheltered block.

Sheltered corridor 050221

The photo below shows the precast concrete panels for the sheltered block being winched into place

Precast concrete panels sheltered 050221

This shows the crane on site for the winching of the precast concrete panels into place.

Crane for precast concrete panels sheltered 050221

In the photo below, the Lower ground floor flats to the general needs block are being constructed

Lower ground floor flats to general needs block 050221

Below shows the lounge area facing the entrance to the garden

Lounge with door opening to garden area 050221

Here is a ground floor flat in the sheltered complex being built.

Ground floor flat sheltered 050221

General needs block at ground floor level

General needs block at ground floor level 050221

The photo below shows the gable end opposite King Lane

Gable end opposite King Lane 050221

January 2021

Here are some photos taken in the last week or so.

This photo was taken on 26th January, and shows the ducting being laid for the general needs block drainage. This is in preparation for the laying of concrete slabs for the ground floor

General Needs 260121

The second one, taken in snowy conditions a few weeks ago, shows the sheltered block as viewed from the compound. Where the skip is on the bottom right is where the general needs block starts. The team are doing their best to work hard in adverse weather conditions such as this!

Sheltered block 140121

In our residents’ meeting on 26th January, the subject came up of Wifi accessibility in the new block, as well as electrical charging points. There will be 8 charging points in the communal parking area in the new development. WiFi and fibre will also be available in every flat, so that every resident has a choice.

December 2020

Here are some photos showing progress as of 16th December.

A photo of the sheltered block next to Stonegate Way. A crane has been adding pre-cast concrete panels to the first floor. The general needs block can be seen at the far end. It’s also possible to see some of the internal partitions between the flats.

Sheltered block 161220

A view of the sheltered block, showing one of the communal corridors, which also shows where the entrances to flats will be. Where the Engie worker is shown next to the red steel frames will be where the communal areas will be. It will be a big open space.

Sheltered block 161220 corridor

A flat in progress. Flat A2 refers to a type of flat being built. You can see where the window and a patio door will be situated. Where the muddy is will be where a landscaped garden will be situated. Behind the writing will be the location of the connecting corridor to Stonegate Way.

Sheltered flat 161220

Finally, the general needs block in progress – this is the photo which has a ‘Pedestrians’ sign. This is at the bottom of the site, going down the street. The red steels will be a plant room.

General Needs block 161220

November 2020

Due to our time-lapse camera facing the site, we can see that the concrete ground floor of the sheltered block in place and the block work walls being built, the red steelwork further back shows where the communal areas are in the middle of the building. The pile of black boxes on screen are the water attenuation tanks, which will fill up the vast excavation dug out next to the block of flats and be a rainwater soakaway.

Camera 1 points towards where the block of general needs flats will ultimately be, we cant see it at the moment because the buildings are being built about 2 weeks staged from each other and this is a couple of weeks further back, but also there is quite a dip in ground level and the foundations are out of sight at the moment.

You can see the latest camera footage at http://engie.onsitetimelapse.co.uk/

October 2020   

Building footprint starting to take shape. Steelworks start to be put in place.


August 2020       

The first sods are cut at a special ceremony. Representatives from LJHA, Leeds Jewish Representative Council, and Leeds City Council joined an LJHA tenant to review progress on the scheme, which is due for completion by early 2022.

Media pic - laying foundation

July 2020             

LJHA invite people to make suggestions for the name of the new general needs building on the site.

May 2020                 

Building work begins. See media coverage here

January 2020     

Planning permission formally granted! Appointed contractor, Engie, begin on site.

Month of September 2019
LJHA submit for planning permission for newly redesigned plans, and a meeting is held to inform the 22 tenants that live on Queenshill View and Queenshill Avenue that would be affected by the development of the new plans and recent updates to the process. This meeting is followed by a meeting with all LJHA tenants, neighbours, and councillors as well as the wider community to also showcase the revised plans, as well as to update everyone on recent updates to the process, such as applying for planning permission. The files showcased at these meetings can be located by clicking here.

Month of June 2019
Tenants affected by the development begin to move into other LJHA properties with the support of LJHA. One to one meetings continue with the 22 tenants that live on Queenshill View and Queenshill Avenue that would be affected by the development.

5th June 2019
A meeting is held with the 22 tenants that live on Queenshill View and Queenshill Avenue that would be affected by the development, as requested.

7th May 2019
All feedback that was received for the previous consultation is presented to the Board of Management – after reviewing this feedback, the Board give the approval to continue with the development on Queenshill Estate.

Month of April 2019
LJHA host individual consultation sessions with the 22 tenants that live on Queenshill View and Queenshill Avenue that would be affected by the development.

27th April 2019
A meeting is held with Connecting Leeds regarding proposed highway development on King Lane.

2nd April 2019
Proposed plans and feedback survey is uploaded to LJHA website and social media, allowing people who were not at the meeting on 1st April to review the plans and provide their feedback.

1st April 2019
A meeting is held in the Marjorie & Arnold Ziff Community Centre where all LJHA tenants, neighbours, and councillors as well as the wider community, were invited to see the proposed plans for development and provide their feedback. Feedback forms were provided to everybody that attended so that their thoughts and suggestions could be recorded.

28th March 2019
A meeting is held with Stonegate Way tenants to inform them of the proposed development, as the development will connect to Stonegate Way.

27th March 2019
An initial consultation meeting is held with the 22 tenants that live on Queenshill View and Queenshill Avenue that would be affected by the development. At this meeting, tenants who attended were informed of the LJHA’s plans to create a new Sheltered Housing scheme as well as a new General Needs scheme.