Here are some questions and answers with more information on the proposed next stage of the regeneration work. These will be updated regularly. If you have any questions which aren’t listed here, please let us know.


Q: Why are you starting consultation now during lockdown?

A: You have asked us to look at building family homes

If it were to go ahead, we would like to be able to offer affected residents a move to the new flats. In order to see if this is viable, we would need to undertake site investigation works and it is only right that we tell residents we are thinking about this before we start that process. Also, a number of people have asked to invest in your properties and we don’t want you to waste money.


Q: Why in this area?

A: We looked at all of our locations and no other locations were viable for family homes. It is still in the heart of the community with good transport links. It is also a large plot of land and we would be able to really utilise the space to get as many family homes as possible.


Q: Where will I move to if I have to leave my home?

A: You will be offered properties within LJHA stock that meet your housing need.


Q: What choices will I have about where else I can move to?

A: You will be advised availability of where within LJHA stock you can move and will have choice if there is availability.


Q: Would I be financially compensated?
A: If a decision is made to develop on this land and you are decanted to another property, you will be entitled to a disturbance payment and a home loss payment of £6,400, once a move has taken place.


Q: Who would pay for the moving expenses?

A: We would cover the costs of removals. This is part of the disturbance payments.


Q: What else is included?

A: We would assess properties on a case-by-case basis. If the property needed decorating, new carpets or if existing blinds or curtains couldn’t be transferred, we would provide these.


Q: Is there support to help me decide on options?

A: Support will be offered by external agencies if tenants would like to be referred to assist them making any decisions. We will also support you with any worries or concerns you may have about your options.


Q: Can I move before LJHA make a decision?

A: You can apply to move but you would not be entitled to financial support or receive a priority until any decision has been confirmed.


Q: What if we don’t like the properties we are being offered?

A: We will do our best to find a property that each of you are happy with. We will take on board any reasons you may not be happy with what is offered and work together to come up with a solution.


Q: What are the timescales for deciding the outcome?

A: LJHA Board gave the go-ahead to consult on 20th January 2021. At the May Board meeting, the Board will consider all factors presented to them including resident feedback, financial viability, and consultant feedback regarding viability of the site to develop.


Q: Who decides if LJHA will develop this area?

A: Ultimately the LJHA Board will make that decision. The board will take into account all factors including views of residents together with considering the long-term issues for the association.


Q: Would I be able to move into a new home once they are built?

A: We can certainly look at all available properties that meet your housing need.