Engie LJHA

LJHA are holding monthly meetings with general needs and sheltered housing residents affected by the ongoing building work, as well as other residents who are interested. Each month, Juliet Bennett, Customer Liaison Manager for Engie, has been answering questions and listening to comments and suggestions.

Did you see our Facebook Live video in December? You can catch up on our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cA_oLo5F1jY.

There isn’t another residents meeting because the two new blocks will be opening soon!

Engie have been publishing a monthly newsletter for all LJHA residents:

April 2022 newsletter

December 2021 newsletter

October 2021 newsletter

September 2021 newsletter

July 2021 newsletter

May 2021 newsletter

April 2021 newsletter

March 2021 newsletter

February 2021 newsletter

December 2020 newsletter

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September 2020 newsletter

We now have a Questions and Comments Box in the entrance of Stonegate Way for anything relating to the development. You can fill in the form located next to the box, and we will pass your contributions to Engie. For anything which is urgent, please contact the LJHA office. Due to the need to prevent any risk of infection, you will need to bring your own pen. Or you may want to complete the form at home and then return it.

To download the form please click here.



Social Value Work

Throughout the construction process, we have been working with Engie’s Social Value and Community Team on a range of projects in line with the Considerate Constructors commitment.

This has included the following:

  • Site Visits from local schools and colleges
  • Work Experience/Kickstart Scheme to support students with work placements and work experience
  • Engie volunteering days, including helping residents with gardening jobs and taking part in an activity for Mitzvah Day, the Jewish-led day of social action
  • Helping to fund a fenced area at the bottom of Queenshill Gardens to allow children to play safely
  • Helping to fund the resurfacing of one of the car parks on Queenshill Gardens
  • A general needs WhatsApp group for residents who aren’t able to attend the Zoom meetings so they could voice their queries.
  • Weekly site activity updates to the resident WhatsApp group.
  • The Engie Unsung Heroes and Heroines initiative